The Perfect Fit

June 15, 2010

During a recent conversation with my grandmother, we decided to start doing bible studies. The first night was last night, and during our conversation I was led to a certain scripture. Psalm 89: 49-52 NLT. My situation in my home is a bit hectic at times, and my situation in the outside world as well. So when I read these passages, I was startled to realize how relevant they were. This pleased me so much. So that was where our bible study, via IM, began. Then, she IM’ed me the same passages from her bible version. It was the same sort of thing, but not directly pinpointed to my situation, but to the general situation of all christ followers. It was then that I had a revelation.

I’d always been given wonderful, leather-bound bibles as a gift from family members. But every one I received was KJV. When I joined a youth program I got a daily devotional bible. I only read it when I needed to for an assignment. Even in the recent years I asked for someone to buy me bibles because they looked cool, or made more sense, but I never bought my own…until recently. Being a lover of anime and manga I was amazed when Manga Messiah came out, the manga version of Jesus’ life! A second one: Manga Metamorphosis came out, and in the back of that book I saw an ad for the Manga Bible. It is the bible, with little inserts of the bible in manga form. i immediately went out and got it. I was so happy when I got it, and I felt so proud to have bought a bible I would love. A bit of time passed and while in the hospital with a bruised lung, my mom cleaned up my room from the mess my dog had made while I was away.

I came home, to find that the Manga Bible was nowhere to be found! I discovered she had thrown it out. I was so angry with her for throwing it away, and I went to the bookstore and ordered another one. I don’t know why I ordered another one, but I was led to that bible, and only that bible. When it came in, I was as happy as I could be. I’ve had this one for almost two years now. I notice that now, when times are tough in the world or at home, instead of getting so mad at everything, I look to the bible, flip to a random page, and read. The passage I find is usually relevant and soothing.

So now, back to the point. Sometimes, the bible you choose is a perfect fit, and you might not even realize it until years later! What if I had owned the bible my grandmother owned, and flipped to Psalm 89: 49-52…and it had been different. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. If I hadn’t owned the Manga Bible, I would not be writing this article today, and you would not be reading it tomorrow, and any other days past this one. This article wouldn’t be floating around on the internet for a christian or non believer to discover, and in a rare case…this article wouldn’t be able to change someone’s life. Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways…and it’s because I was led to this bible…that I am able to walk the life of a stronger christ follower.


Getting Closer.

June 1, 2010

It’s been an eventful few years, with Tsunamis, Earthquakes, numerous natural disasters and now this! On this past Memorial Day Weekend, Tropical Storm Agatha pounded Guatemala as well as Mexico.

“But Sephron, hurricanes happen every year, you should know that seeing as where you live!”

This is true, but what I’m talking about is this. A giant sinkhole, deeper than the Statue of Liberty is tall formed in Guatemala City. Look up Guatemala City Sinkhole, and you’ll find pictures of what looks like a photoshop job…but it’s no joke. This is real.

I know people were probably irritated with my other post about the stars and idols, but doesn’t this make you think that the second coming of Christ is only drawing nearer? It truly makes me believe that it’s right around the corner. I know that I’m ready for it.

Are you?


He is…

May 27, 2010

He is in your home, ruining your life.
Reminding you that you have nothing.
Making those around you take your money and never pay you back.
Making you poor.
Giving you no food and letting you starve.

He is creeping into the minds of your family.
Making them mock you in your time of need.
Making it seem as though they are more fortunate.
Telling them that because they have money that they are the best.
Telling them to be selfish with food and water.
They keep it to themselves now.

He is haunting your life.
He makes you feel defeated.
He tells you that you have no way out.
He sends people you love to deal fatal blows.
They say you are lazy.
They say you are just an angry person.
It hurts.

He eats away at your faith.
Making you wonder why you are here.
Why were you born.
No one would miss you if you were gone.
You shouldn’t exist.
You bring nothing to the family but shame.
You are useless.
Why were you even born.

For most, he will win. Forcing the hands of people, young and old. They kill themselves, others, pets, families, friends, neighbors, coworkers.

He loves to ruin you, he is the great deceiver. He will be watching you fall.

But why should he win? Take both sides of the story first.

Get a second opinion.

He is in your home, saving your life.
Reminding you that you have him.
Making you realize you can be fine without being paid back.
Giving you just what you need.
Feeding you the truth of his love.

He is trying to reach the minds of your family.
He tells you what they say is not true.
Their money consumes them, why do you need it?
Telling them that money does not make them who they are.
Telling them to share resources to those who need them.
In their selfishness they are the ones who are starving.

He wants to save your life.
He makes you feel loved.
He tells you that he is your way out, trust him.
Though others will say harsh words.
They will call you things you couldn’t imagine.
They are really only insulting themselves.
He makes the hurt go away.

He boosts your faith.
Gives you reason to be here.
Shows you why you were born.
Makes you realize how important you are.
He made you to love.
You bring him honor.
You are amazing in his eyes.
You were born for him and his love.

For some, he will win. Holding the hands of people, young and old. Leading them away from death, calming their souls, showing them love and kindness, and bringing them back into his arms.

He loves you, he is the great provider. He will watch you rise.

There are two sides to every story…

Which side do you want to be on?


A quick thought

June 28, 2009

I’ve been wondering lately. Not to be an alarmist, but a lot of Christians have linked all these current events with the end of the world and the rapture. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of famous people have passed away. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays. They all died in different ways, which doesn’t really show any link between them…except one. They were all famous for what they did in their lives. They were quoted, interviewed, given money, and then worshiped by fans and followers.

This may sound absurd…but don’t they seem like they are IDOLS? Now, if I do recall the first two commandments were about how no other God’s were to come before Him…and that people must not make items, or people, into idols. If you ask me…does it seem like all the idols are disappearing?

This is just something that popped into my head at 11 something tonight. Read it. Agree. Agree to Disagree. Think about it.


Rejuvenating and Revamping

June 18, 2009

I’ve updated the titles of Article 1 and Article 2.  I have renamed them “Timeline of Creativity” and “Think Twice.”  If you haven’t read them already, you will definitely find them worth your time, so please enjoy!


I’ll never have children.

June 1, 2009

It’s sad but true. The world today if full of corruption and greed. Women I’ve known, even some of my close friends have turned away or betrayed me. Some have been like siblings to me and still have chosen people who were downright vile over their closest friends. They act like the way these men are treating them is like flirting. They giggle and blush when their boyfriends talk about their sex life in front of their friends. It’s degrading and despicable…which is why I don’t have that many friends anymore. They’ve sold their souls by having sex, not wanting to be single anymore, or to become popular.


A christian woman no longer has a place in this deplorable society. Even some who claim to be christian have done, or still do, disgusting things. Yes, God would forgive them, but the first step is to ask. Some do, but then they go back and do the same sins over and over again. Excuses like “I just keep getting sucked back in” or “I can’t help it if I’m a person of weakness” mean nothing to God. My favorite excuse is “We were born in sin, so if we do, God understands.”. God does understand, but forgiveness is another story. Unless you repent, and fight against your sinful nature, you will never reach the kingdom of God. Some believe that if they do enough good works, they will reach Heaven. So what, pray tell, will happen to those who do bad works?


Think of your daughters when you read this. Back when you thought wearing lipstick was a sin…what would you think of girls now? Going out to party at a friends house is okay? Do you ever ask if the parents will be home? Do you ask if it’s just going to be a girls only party? Even if the parents are home, most activities are done out of sight. Plenty of teenagers have been sucked into addictions right under their parents noses. A father and mother can be upstairs thinking a little privacy for their daughter’s sleepover is okay. Do you check on them? When it’s eerily quiet do you ask “is everything alright?”. Even if you think your child might assume it’d be embarrassing with you there…what are parents for anymore? They bring home allowance for their child to spend on weed or crack. Whatever happened to the days when a little girl would save up to buy a doll…not heroin.


Some find people like me old fashioned…but I tell you this…even the most involved parents have cracks in their foundation. Children and teens these days have developed even more stealthy ways to find, get, and pay for things that are bad for them, not to mention illegal. I may be old fashioned, but hear me now…I never want to have a daughter if she is tempted by the sins of the world…I never want to have a son for him to come home with a pregnant girlfriend…and an addiction.


Think Twice

May 1, 2009

What is This?

How can you not be happy. How can statistics be so…strongly discouraging?


People break up…and suddenly they say they’re going to kill themselves. The reason you say that…and want to die…is it fear of being abandoned? Have you fallen so far as to not see the one who was with you all along? He was there…watching…waiting. You are still a child to Him…He is waiting…

For you to start crying….to run into His arms and just cry…let it all out…because He wants you to feel loved. You always were loved…

How could you not see this…your Father was always there. When you were physically a child…He was there…and when you and your friend got into a fight…you never thought of killing yourself then.

Why is that?

Society has branded us…made us a number…a statistic. Will you live by those rules? You watch as people take the easy way out and you think…that might be the answer? Why?

Why pull that trigger…why cut that wrist…why let blood flow that He has so graciously given you the moment you were conceived.

He cries…not because of your pain…but because you fell. Because instead of coming to Him…you ran from Him…and everyone else…and you ran…into the arms of the one who caused you pain. And now…he will keep watch over you.

Do not fear your Father…for He loves you so much…

You…are a coward…a fool…don’t be a number…




He is the truth.